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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Literary Side

It's late. My eyes HURT. My brain has done enough math to put a colony on Pluto (still a planet as far as I'm concerned). I'm tired and want to break something.

And then I start looking over some creatures that would occupy a stretch of open countryside during an adventure. Then I remember...I remember why I love this. The ideas that start popping when you read the elements of gaming.

I realized that it is the literary side that has always kept me in rpgs. I love reading the material, seeing in the minds eye how players would fall back from the table with an 'OH ****'!

The look when you begin to describe something that looks like a massive ash forest and then they realize as they grow closer that it's not trees towering over their heads at all, but bone. Miles and miles of bones sticking hundreds of feet into the sky. That maybe they aren't the baddest thing in the valley. What kills something that big? The feeling is palpable...

It's late and I know why I do this.