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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hi all. Just a brief update. I have been buried in rules hell trying to put together something that will work for this campaign setting and I waffled more than a short order cook.

I thought hey, no problem, then realized that the very thing that imparts the unique flavor to this thing and make it worth playing is a major reworking of any rule set.

So I think I finally have the spine worked out, now to attach the rest of the skeleton and see if it will hold flesh.

This is subject to change, but I'm looking at putting out a starter set that includes everything needed to play a basic set up and learn the world I'm creating without having to bite off the whole chunk at once. Then I can issue the Advanced Player Guide and the Game Master Strategy Guide. These will increase the classes and pave the way for the entire series.

I'm hoping for a first draft this week then a break to look at the introductory adventure and play material to include.

Stay tuned. More to come.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pre-Draft Design Update

Just a brief update. Have been in a pre-draft stage, chatting with other designers and gamers alike about layout and trying new things to see if I can make this the best vessel yet.

I am lucky to find that many people seem to like the same layout ideas as myself. Clean, clear fonts, low artwork overkill, larger font sizes or the ability to increase the font size (which shouldn't be a problem as I'm printing to PDF and keeping the design so that the 'reflow' feature in reader will work properly and not make a mess of the layout).

Above all the layout must be transparent. You only seem to notice it when it is bad :)