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My Personal Commitment:

To create an experience for the players that is deep and immersive.

To release material under the OGL that is OGC to expand the richness of the hobby and to give back as a way of saying thanks for the hard work of those that came before me.

To make an edition available for free permanently that is compatible even with purchased components and to add to the free edition whenever time and resources permit.

To create a Junior Edition for people who would like to introduce their children to the mind expanding world of make believe which I believe is essential for healthy human development.

To create a Solo Edition for those without benefit of having a table to sit at and yet still have an experience worthy of any group play with a dynamic designed especially for them.

To create a tiered play environment that allows players to expand the experience at their discretion. If you like simple and fast role-playing Basic Edition will cover your needs. If you like deeper, longer campaign play the Advanced Edition will satisfy that urge. If you want your character to grow beyond the realm of just controlling their own fate and instead play a role as a leader controlling the destiny of thousands perhaps millions of creatures then Noble Edition will provide you with the tools to build your own worlds that you explore, conquer and rule over through your House and the aid of your ancestors.

Finally, to create a community that is an open exchange of ideas and provides the ability for players to locate each other all around the world so that whether the table is real or virtual there will always be a seat for those who wish to play any time, day or night, 365 days a year. Never settle for playing a game you don’t want to play again just because you can’t find local players. From PbeM to VTT and other emerging technologies I am dedicated to adopting each of these new play experiences into the community and welcome all to play and contribute to what I hope is the most flexible and fun game since the origins of the hobby.


I'm beginning to see the OSR to stand for Old School Re-booted.

I feel that 1989 is the year that marked the change of the hobby into an industry and took things in a completely new direction. AD&D 2e kind of sits on the borderline and I wouldn't argue anyone down about it because, as Justin Alexander said, a fighter was still a could still recognize it in both editions.

I feel the OSR contains all of the pre-1989 game world (including wargames and a few other items) plus a new breed who reset the clock and continued onward with OSS (Old School Style) as though the great industry leap forward never happened and the hobby continued to grow in a more natural fashion with the end result being players happy with their game again (whatever game that might be).

I'm enjoying employing not only the spirit of the old school games but the mechanics of d20/OGL to create something familiar yet different. I hope that the blend is done well enough to draw old and new players alike into the fun but everyone is free to choose.

And that is the whole point.

No longer does the future of gaming rely on a single company (or small group at best) making decisions on our behalf.

We can play any damn game we want. :)