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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yeah Yeah, The Master Of Posting, I Know

And if you think this drives you crazy you should be the man behind the curtain.

So I took a break after the text became gibberish. I decided my best therapy was to work but on something different.

So I developed DEEP DELVE, an intro rpg that can be used at parties and get togethers to play so that folks could drop into and out of without disrupting game play. I read a challenge at someones blog and thought 'hey, I'm sucking at what I'm doing now, how hard could this be?'

Surprisingly it has been quite therapeutic and the alpha is almost finished. I have learned a lot by stepping completely away from my comfort zone and just seeing if I could build something that might get non-gamers interested in rpgs enough to at least sit down and give it a shot for a few minutes and walk away no pressure if it is not for them.

The beast can be found (soon) at:

At least I have the design notes up and that felt good.

I also realized how much I missed James doing the weekly wrap up of OSR news over at Underdark Gazette and have decided to launch a pdf zine.

Now before you start banging your head on the table understand this-I have been doing zines since I was 13, have produced several and other print materials and am an apprentice pressman from BitD, so zines to me are easy. They are like a water pour it in till it's full send it out and start the next one and this scene is so rich that if I can't figure this out I need to quit :)

I just want Forsaken Souls to be something I feel good about and after re-reading some of it today I know it needs work. It has been a mega year for releases and now the news is even DCC has been backed up to a Feb 2012 release date.

I know I have a winner on my hands, I just have to make certain I don't rush it and kill a good thing. The core is fine. I just need to make the Basic Edition, well, Basic. After looking at this intro rpg project I think I know what needs to be done. It's just a matter of going in and doing the heavy lifting before you guys have to sweat bullets over a 'what the hell does that even mean???' page. Trust me, I have bought bad product in the past and it's not funny or nice especially if you know it needs work. Releasing your Beta as a finished product and leaving your players to figure it out is the way of corporations.

I'm not a corporation. I'm a gamer and I say no crap will be released on my watch. You WILL get quality. You WILL get something worthy of your time. I appreciate everyone who has helped me through this process and I don't want to have wasted their time either.

There WILL be a Forsaken Souls completed and it WILL rock. I made a promise. I plan on keeping it.

Till next time, keep thinking positive thoughts...I need all I can get.