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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update For March

I wish I could get better at keeping these updates going, but after a day of working on the system and the rest of the blog world I often forget.

Today was Combat Day. The section is going well, just formatting and examples to go.

I have decided to lighten the Starter to make it a faster entry by including pre-generated characters to get players started faster. It will cover 3 levels of advancement (built on a custom concept to simplify GM book keeping and clarify what level advancement means to the Players) and include 3 Adventure Kits with an additional 3 to be found here at the blog shortly after the Starter release. Additional characters will also be available here as well.

The Starter will take place on the Isle of Tarnaan and be expanded as time and resources permit.

In addition to publishing supplements I will also be introducing a gazetteer that will introduce new classes, items and other elements to flesh out campaigns and add to The Worlds of Aracta setting.

The Basic edition should follow fairly quickly after.

Now if I could just finish this damned WinXP installation I can get back to this.

More (hopefully sooner than) later :)