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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The New

As the old year comes to a holiday filled explosive end I patiently wait to get the first part of the program completed.

Always remember, I work analog style. Just because we go without a lot of details or even posts here on the design blog know that I have been filling 3 and 4 inch binders with notes. I've always worked that way and have tried to convert to all digital, but I always seem to get ideas at the worst possible time and must rely on trusty pen and paper to record them before they evaporate into the mist of memory.

With spell use being the single biggest hold up I can say that 70% of the grunt work has been done and as soon as I figure out how I want to organize the spell caster section we should see a starter out soon after.

Thanks for keeping up with me during the turmoil of this year and for reading the posts, even though sometimes far apart. They will continue as long as I have breath and I hope that the beast I am building will meet with your gaming satisfaction.

Ok, 2011, let's get going :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just a quick post to let all know that I'm alive well and kicking...and so is Forsaken Souls.

This time of year always goes into overload and I have to let some things rest.

Work is proceeding on the Starter Edition of Forsaken Souls that will be a self contained start to the exploration of the StoneGate Saga and serve as the starting point for all future releases. The Starter is being released free of charge under the OGL.

The Advanced Player Guide is in 2nd draft and nearly complete. Lot's of fine tuning and formatting to go but I feel good about the structure so far.

The Game Master Strategy Guide is in outline form but should come together fairly quickly along with the Bestiary Codex which is in parallel development.

I have also decided to release other editions (including a Junior version set in the past on the Isle of Tarnaan) and they benefit from a unified structure of the core rule set, so they should be well underway soon.

As DEVO has stated recently with their new album, there will be Something For Everybody. :)