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Thursday, June 9, 2011


So here we are again. Due to unforeseen forces of nature (like micro-bursts) things have proceeded slowly but the play test material is almost ready.

If I have not been forthcoming with more details I apologize to the readers who keep waiting for that, but having been part of the scene for awhile now and noting the amount of 'borrowing' that goes on I wanted to at least be able to bring a few new things to the table that folks would know came from me.

Even now, two ideas that I thought were a fresh take have surfaced in other projects. I guess great minds think alike. We will see how these concepts are received. My hope is to bring to you the spirit of the style that made me fall in love with RPGs so many years ago.

It even seems like the time is right. A recent article talked about a resurgence in table top gaming due to the value it has during hard economic times. Not only do you get to escape for a few hours from an uncertain world and be a hero, but you can keep playing for little to no cost compared to other forms of entertainment.

This is how it was back in the early '80s. Times sucked. Money was hard to come by. The video arcades ruled the world for young people, but you could blast through a roll of quarters in an hour or two. we learned with table top gaming, however, that the money you spent could provide weeks worth of entertainment, not just hours. Coupled with imagination and a select handful of magazines, we built whole worlds that exploded with light and action, that kept you up far past your bed time, that made you late for work and people wondering why you weren't answering your phone.

It was the game.

And I hope that when this is finished that you can, for a little while, forget the clock and your phone and explore the worlds of fantasy the way a bunch of young people did once upon a time when things weren't quite so complicated.

It's coming guys and I promise-I will try my best to make it worth the wait.

Till next time...