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Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Notes

After what may be called the year closest to hell on earth (these last 6 months have just about done me in) I thought I should drop in and do a bit of an update before the next storm fires through and shuts me down again (did I mention that my life-saving massive UPS backup went down just before all the weather started?).

The Player Handbook for the Basic Edition is almost finished. I have been drying out a red pen this last week after deciding rather than stop working every time the lightning struck I would just go analog and kick it old style.

Notes and outline have been underway for the GM Guide and I'm settling on just what pieces to include to help the beginning GM while at the same time not bogging down an experienced one with unnecessary explanations and mechanics. I think I have found a fairly good balance and just want to invest the time in it to get it right the first time. Since my plan of getting something to GenCon fell through I feel that the extra time will give me a chance to assemble a full bundle that will include everything one needs to not only get started but continue on for some time. Add to that free material that will be available here at the blog from day one and it looks like missing GenCon may be a blessing in disguise.

I know I have said this before but the next time I decide to design an entire system from scratch I have given written permission to my wife to kick me square in the crotch and bring me back to my senses :)

I just want to get to the fun stuff ( I have always hated dealing with math and with some of the mechanics I have developed I have had to triple check myself more than once and felt like poking my eyes out with before mentioned red pen).

Learning Hexographer has been a pain and I decided the first person I hire back will be skilled at map making and I'll hire the illustrator second. :)

Sorry for any negativity flowing in this update but it has just been a frustrating year and I just hope that fall gets here soon and some relief from storms, heat and all the madness associated with them will flow away. I think everyone knows where I'm coming from.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled natural disaster...