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Friday, August 27, 2010

First Update

Hi all. Just a quick note for those curious about the blog. I started the FORSAKEN SOULS campaign setting a decade ago and it has languished unfinished until now.

I was inspired by the various OSR rules lite systems, First Edition and the recent slate of SRD sets along with my own house rules and variations added to create a custom engine that is both rules-light and grognard friendly while not abandoning the core mechanic or basic concepts of play known to most current players.

This will be a commercial project and I will use this blog to announce releases of the campaign source books and for errata, updates and free web enhancements for the setting.

Not only will the books cover a campaign story of epic proportions but will also provide source material for role-playing within the world of FORSAKEN SOULS in general and creating your own adventures as well.

I look forward to bringing this labor of love to gamers everywhere and hope that it provides you as much entertainment and thrills in play as it has me in its creation.

I will be posting a non-spoiler general description soon so check back often or sign up for the feed.

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